Dr. Wendy Walsh ended up being recently on Fox News speaking about exactly why stressed guys look for thicker females more desirable, that was obtained of the routine Show with Jon Stewart inside the minute of Zen section. To master in which Wendy was actually from, listed here is an excellent post with an increase of info.

Thinking if model-thin is the best possible way to draw a mate? Perhaps a calm and accumulated sweetheart is enticed by a clothing hanger. In case you might be prepared to captivate a stressed-out huntsman, the secret is to pack on some extra female pounds.

New research out from the college of Westminster in London indicated that males under anxiety ranked pictures of curvy, voluptuous and extremely meaty ladies greater versus twiggy kind, and also, they also discovered a larger selection complete figures becoming more appealing.

A wide hip-to-waist proportion is actually a sign of reproductive fitness.

Evolutionary psychologists speculate that a guy under stress reverts back to a hunter in a severe ecosystem with a final ditch work to survive by transferring their baby juices in a healthy female.

An extensive hip-to-waist proportion is a signal of reproductive physical fitness. And a bounty of kept weight can indicate the essential difference between life-and-death for fetus or nursing newborn.

Psychotherapists might put a more “Freudian” lens in the technology when you go to the mommy archetype. Men having stress might envision a warm, cozy, fleshy human body as a soothing mommy figure. Nothing can beat some bountiful breasts to relieve a cranky baby of every age.


“If you are a cuddly, fleshy girl, parading before males

with high-stress tasks might just imitate this research task.”

The study’s practices may have info as well.

The scientists made the male players feel consumed with stress by telling all of them these people were on employment interview and had to record a video of these most useful assets and skills.

Hmmm…might they end up being dreaming about a buxom employer, or happened to be they plotting a run into mommy’s hands? Your call.

Bottom line: the research had only 81 members so it is a little committed to apply this small number towards whole male population.

In case you are a cuddly, fleshy girl, parading in front of males with high-stress tasks just might imitate this research project. And, get you a date.

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